Retail Wreath prices

wreath wall
Our wreaths are made from Scotch Pine boughs and are available in sizes ranging from 20" to 60" finished size.
wholesale wreath
We decorate our wreaths in many different ways, and can be changed to your liking. If you see a wreath on the wall you like, you can change out the bow for free!

Blankets and Pillows

We offer grave blankets and grave pillows which are popular cemetery decorations in our area. Our grave blanket is about 6' by 3'. It has a straw base with wood slates for support. The base is covered with white pine. Scotch pine branches stand upright through the center, making the overall height about 18". Our pillows are similar, measuring about 3' by 3' and 18" high. All grave pieces can be purchased with or without decoations. Decorations include large pine cones and stems of red ruscus (a red leaf).