Wholesale Trees

We sell Indiana Fresh Christmas Trees. We have been growing trees for nearly 30 years on our family farm, and are now planting about 15,000 seedlings each year.

We grade by U.S. standards. We spray our trees in August, which helps maintain their true color into the holiday season. We cut from about the second week in November until the first week in December, and ship from mid-November on. All trees are put on a shaker to remove loose needs and then wrapped in twine for protection during handling.

We will load your truck or deliver on our truck. The cost for delivery is dependant on quantity and distance. We encourage you to come see the trees before we harvest them.

Wholesale Tree Prices
Scotch Pine #1 3 - 5 feet $ 7.00
Scotch Pine #1 5 1/2 - 8 feet $10.50
White Pine 5 1/2 - 8 feet $11.50
White Pine 8 - 10 feet $13.50
Fraser Fir 6 - 7 feet $21.50
Fraser Fir 7 - 8 feet $26.00
Fraser Fir 8 - 9 feet $34.00
Fraser Fir 9 - 10 feet $36.00
Douglas Fir 6 - 8 feet $19.50
Douglas Fir 7 - 8 feet $21.00
Douglas Fir 8 - 9 feet $23.00

-----Field Run packages are also available----

Terms: 20% deposit, balance due when shipped.
Minimum quantity: 50 trees for wholesale prices.
Call for quantity discounts.

All orders should be submitted at least two weeks prior to delivery date. We can still accept small add-ons, but ask that these also be emailed/faxed to us. We appreciate your business. Please use the order form on this web site. Use your browsers print button to print the form. Click here for the order form.